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This portal allows you to synchronize your library MARC catalog with the core BookLens server, administer the reviews written by any patron of MELSA libraries, administer patron BookLens accounts, and see collected statistics about BookLens and the bridge server. Patron administration only allows you to recover someone's BookLens account when they've lost their library card and are issued a new patron id.

This site requires password access to and should only be used by those with a basic familiarity of how BookLens operates, and obviously have the authority from the library to moderate reviews and patron accounts. If any problems arise, please contact the BookLens team.


The following charts show user usage. The user count represents patrons who have logged into the catalog and opted into the BookLens service. Users that login but don't interact with BookLens are not counted. All counts are specific to your library and do not include the other libraries using BookLens.

Total users:
Total reviews:
Total ratings:

The following charts describe the server performance over the last day, as a sliding window. The current time of day is marked as a vertical gray line. The charts track the number of requests each minute (blue), the average request duration (black) and the maximum duration (red). The gray shadow about the black line shows the standard deviation of request time (often this is so low it's not visible). There is one chart for the net performance of the bridge server. There is another chart for the perceived performance of the core server at the University of Minnesota. This can show you if problems in service are the result of the bridge or the core if there are discrepencies between the two.